September 2021

The Carson Mansion

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On a recent trip north, I photographed the Carson Mansion in Eureka, California. I'd been wanting to shoot it for years, having seen photos of it on the web. Built in 1885 by lumber baron William Carson, it's a Victorian in the Queen Anne style, and, according to Wikipedia, is "one of the most written-about [...]

August 2020

Unreal in Two Different Ways

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Here are two photos of the Immaculata Church on the campus of the University of San Diego. Neither one shows the church as you'd see it if you went there, because one is black and white and the other infrared. I went to the church at sunrise, but the light was wrong: It's a sunset [...]

October 2019

The Salesforce Transit Center Oasis

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Because the Salesforce Transit Center has been open for such a short time, everything is clean and new, unlike what you find in other public spaces in San Francisco. The sidewalks are pristine, the drinking fountains work, the bathrooms are clean, the greenery is neat and trimmed, and the tables and chairs in the courtyard [...]

September 2019

Back to an IR Mindset

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My infrared (IR) converted camera was stolen out of my car in July 2018, and I haven't done much IR photography since then. I could have, using an IR filter on my normal cameras, but that requires long exposures and a tripod. The results often aren't great if you're including trees in the composition because [...]

December 2017

Oracle in Infrared

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I was leaving a meeting in Redwood Shores yesterday and drove past the Oracle headquarters. "Huh," I thought, "that would make a good IR shot." Since I had my converted IR camera in the trunk, I pulled into the Oracle parking lot and took a bunch of photos. If the trees had been leafier, [...]

July 2017

Skip the Haight, Go to Golden Gate Park

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The Haight-Ashbury district is uber grungy. Is that part of its appeal? Hard to believe, but maybe. I went there very early on Sunday, walked up and down Haight St., and frankly didn't see anything that I could turn into a good photo. So as not to waste a drive into San Francisco, I went over [...]

March 2017

Fine Art(s) Photography

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I went to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco last Sunday. I got there very early, in case there was good morning light. There wasn't—it was overcast—but that works well for the long-exposure photography I was planning to do. It was also a good thing I got there early, because starting around 9 a.m. there was [...]

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