September 2019

Back to an IR Mindset

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My infrared (IR) converted camera was stolen out of my car in July 2018, and I haven't done much IR photography since then. I could have, using an IR filter on my normal cameras, but that requires long exposures and a tripod. The results often aren't great if you're including trees in the composition because [...]

December 2017

Oracle in Infrared

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I was leaving a meeting in Redwood Shores yesterday and drove past the Oracle headquarters. "Huh," I thought, "that would make a good IR shot." Since I had my converted IR camera in the trunk, I pulled into the Oracle parking lot and took a bunch of photos. If the trees had been leafier, [...]

July 2017

Skip the Haight, Go to Golden Gate Park

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The Haight-Ashbury district is uber grungy. Is that part of its appeal? Hard to believe, but maybe. I went there very early on Sunday, walked up and down Haight St., and frankly didn't see anything that I could turn into a good photo. So as not to waste a drive into San Francisco, I went over [...]

March 2017

Fine Art(s) Photography

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I went to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco last Sunday. I got there very early, in case there was good morning light. There wasn't—it was overcast—but that works well for the long-exposure photography I was planning to do. It was also a good thing I got there early, because starting around 9 a.m. there was [...]