September 2023

Long-Exposure Seascapes

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It was overcast, and the sun hadn't yet risen. Those were just the conditions I was hoping for as I headed to the seashore to do some long-exposure seascapes along Ocean View Blvd. in Pacific Grove. I had my black and white camera on a tripod, and was shooting with a 35mm or 50mm lens, [...]

July 2018

The Monochrome Gate Bridge

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There are a few million photographs of it in color, so I chose to shoot it with my monochrome camera. The light was favorable for long-exposure black and white photography. But that wasn't exactly unexpected—San Francisco in the summer at 8 a.m. is usually overcast. This is a 25-second exposure with a subtle selenium tint. [...]

March 2017

Fine Art(s) Photography

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I went to the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco last Sunday. I got there very early, in case there was good morning light. There wasn't—it was overcast—but that works well for the long-exposure photography I was planning to do. It was also a good thing I got there early, because starting around 9 a.m. there was [...]

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