May 2018

Creative Subjects at Bay to Breakers

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I did a poor job of planning for taking photos at this year's Bay to Breakers. I didn't have a plan for the kinds of photos I wanted, or at least no plan beyond my standard one of taking street portraits. I hadn't scoped out locations or come up with an approach to get a [...]

Cinco de Mayo in the Mission

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Cinco de Mayo isn't a major holiday in Mexico, and turns out it wasn't in San Francisco, either. I went to the "celebration" there, but it was really more of a small street fair with the usual vendors of cell phone services, chiropractic care, Scientology and the like. So I left and ended up walking [...]

April 2018

Flashy Night Photography

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I went to a workshop on night photography last Friday night. I don't use flash much (apparently, I've got a lot of company in that) so this was a chance to learn more about how to shoot movement at night with a flash. We mostly photographed a group of skateboarders. They were happy to perform [...]

An Alternative SF Skyline View

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The shot of the San Francisco skyline from Treasure Island is hard to beat, but I've done it (and seen it done by others) an awful lot. Here are just three examples of my own shots over the years. So I went to new spot last night with a couple of other photographers. Called Port [...]

March 2018

Morning and Afternoon in the City

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I was in San Francisco early in the day, because we stayed overnight, and late in the day, because I had to return to get my phone, which I left at the hotel. (Tony Bennett needs to update the song for the 21st century: I Left My Phone in San Francisco). I'm no longer excited [...]

Meeting the Emperor in San Francisco

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Photo educators and workshop leaders frequently exhort newbies to venture out with their cameras because one never knows what one might come across—like Norton I, Emperor of San Francisco and Protector of Mexico. I was in SF on Sunday, haunting the Embarcadero looking for images, and had just taken a forgettable shot of something or [...]

November 2017

Making the Most of a Gloomy Day

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It was a rainy day at the races last Sunday. I went anyway, intending to get some detail shots and maybe some indoor shots. The overcast sky did make for an evenly lit wide shot of the track, with no people in the foreground. I decided to take photos of some track employees. Here are [...]

October 2017

Castro Street Encounters

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I went to the Castro Street Fair on October 1. Like the Folsom Street Fair, there were plenty of interesting people to photograph, and also like Folsom, I got the best results by talking with people and eventually asking if I could "make their portrait." Sometimes I remembered to say that, sometimes I didn't. The [...]

September 2017

NSFW—Folsom Street Fair

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If Carnaval is rated G and the Pride Parade is PG, then the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco is definitely R, bordering on X. And a treasure trove for photographers. I went for the first time this year and had a great day photographing and talking with people. I probably asked 25 people [...]

Comic Con—A Photo Goldmine

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I expected to come back from San Francisco Comic Con 2017 with some good shots, but I got more out of it than that. It was a lot of fun to talk with the people there, see the comic art exhibits, learn about the sci fi characters,  and essentially be a visitor to this subculture's [...]