November 2018

Mexico Part 3—Here, There and Everywhere

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Here's my last posting of images from the Oaxaca trip. These were taken in various locations. Oaxaca City. She was surprised that I wanted to take her picture, but was happy to pose for a second. Oaxaca City. The night before Day of the Dead. She was posing for money, so I put some [...]

September 2018

Four San Francisco Neighborhoods

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I went into San Francisco yesterday with a vague idea of what I wanted to shoot. I knew I wanted to arrive early at Mission Dolores because it's a white building that would be front-lit and would stand out in black and white against the dark sky. Beyond that, I thought I'd walk into the [...]

May 2018

Cinco de Mayo in the Mission

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Cinco de Mayo isn't a major holiday in Mexico, and turns out it wasn't in San Francisco, either. I went to the "celebration" there, but it was really more of a small street fair with the usual vendors of cell phone services, chiropractic care, Scientology and the like. So I left and ended up walking [...]

Three Trips to Oakland

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I'm making Oakland my go-to street photography destination because it's quick and easy to get into downtown and there's a real variety of people to photograph there. The images in this post are from three separate trips. I asked this man to pose for me in front of the mural. This was shot with [...]

April 2018

Flashy Night Photography

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I went to a workshop on night photography last Friday night. I don't use flash much (apparently, I've got a lot of company in that) so this was a chance to learn more about how to shoot movement at night with a flash. We mostly photographed a group of skateboarders. They were happy to perform [...]

March 2018

Morning and Afternoon in the City

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I was in San Francisco early in the day, because we stayed overnight, and late in the day, because I had to return to get my phone, which I left at the hotel. (Tony Bennett needs to update the song for the 21st century: I Left My Phone in San Francisco). I'm no longer excited [...]

December 2017

Drawing on a Personal Image Bank

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Howard Schatz has talked about the importance or utility of having a "personal image bank" of images you've seen and stored in memory, which you can use as a source of ideas for your own images. Walking around San Francisco on Thursday, I passed a building with massive pillars. Individuals or small groups of people [...]

October 2017


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That's the name of a store in downtown Oakland. I went into the city yesterday in the late afternoon to find some street photography subjects. (Not that it has anything to do with photography, but I have to say the weather was absolutely perfect. Oakland has great weather.) I shot near the Oakland Marriott, where [...]

Castro Street Encounters

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I went to the Castro Street Fair on October 1. Like the Folsom Street Fair, there were plenty of interesting people to photograph, and also like Folsom, I got the best results by talking with people and eventually asking if I could "make their portrait." Sometimes I remembered to say that, sometimes I didn't. The [...]

September 2017

NSFW—Folsom Street Fair

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If Carnaval is rated G and the Pride Parade is PG, then the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco is definitely R, bordering on X. And a treasure trove for photographers. I went for the first time this year and had a great day photographing and talking with people. I probably asked 25 people [...]