April 2022

Portraits With a 28mm

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I see this topic discussed on photo forums from time to time: Can one make good portraits with a 28mm lens? The most open-minded respondents always say that you can make a good portrait with any focal length, and I agree. Maybe 85mm is perfect for head and shoulders shots, but, depending on the subject [...]

September 2019

Back to an IR Mindset

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My infrared (IR) converted camera was stolen out of my car in July 2018, and I haven't done much IR photography since then. I could have, using an IR filter on my normal cameras, but that requires long exposures and a tripod. The results often aren't great if you're including trees in the composition because [...]

March 2018


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Because we've had no significant storms here in the Bay Area since January, it's been impossible to take photos of the cloudscapes that trail after them. We finally had a storm on Thursday and Friday, and it produced some excellent clouds. This shot was taken Saturday from Grizzly Peak Boulevard, above Berkeley, a road with [...]

July 2017

Kite People in Berkeley

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I went to the Berkeley Kite Festival two years ago and went back today. I shot lots of kites—in color and in the sky—last time, so I didn't want to just repeat that. My plan this time was to shoot more people. I had a fairly long conversation with this colonel about piloting these paragliders, which fighter [...]

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