September 2017

NSFW—Folsom Street Fair

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If Carnaval is rated G and the Pride Parade is PG, then the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco is definitely R, bordering on X. And a treasure trove for photographers. I went for the first time this year and had a great day photographing and talking with people. I probably asked 25 people [...]

Straight-Up Photojournalism

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I went to the rally in Oakland yesterday to protest Trump's decision on DACA. I agree with the cause, and saw an opportunity to shoot a bona fide journalistic subject. There were plenty of photographers there—legit news media as well as amateurs like me—and it was a good event for photography, with close access to [...]

Comic Con—A Photo Goldmine

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I expected to come back from San Francisco Comic Con 2017 with some good shots, but I got more out of it than that. It was a lot of fun to talk with the people there, see the comic art exhibits, learn about the sci fi characters,  and essentially be a visitor to this subculture's [...]

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