December 2017

Oracle in Infrared

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I was leaving a meeting in Redwood Shores yesterday and drove past the Oracle headquarters. "Huh," I thought, "that would make a good IR shot." Since I had my converted IR camera in the trunk, I pulled into the Oracle parking lot and took a bunch of photos. If the trees had been leafier, [...]

Drawing on a Personal Image Bank

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Howard Schatz has talked about the importance or utility of having a "personal image bank" of images you've seen and stored in memory, which you can use as a source of ideas for your own images. Walking around San Francisco on Thursday, I passed a building with massive pillars. Individuals or small groups of people [...]

Done with One Approach

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Last Sunday was my seventh time going to the track to shoot spectators. People have been very willing to pose and I've enjoyed the experience. The track now takes a break for a couple of weeks and I'll wait to hear back from my client about what he'd like to do with the photos [...]

More Than Enough Choices

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It was a bright, sunny day at the track last Sunday, unlike the previous Sunday when it was overcast and perfect for outdoor portraits. I took only one shot in the direct sun because it was a group and I couldn't avoid it. You can see why it's a bad idea. Even with bringing up [...]

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