July 2018

Collecting Characters

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Continuing to indulge my Comic Con habit, I went to a smaller show in Concord yesterday. Many fewer cosplayers, but as always, the ones who were there were happy to pose. Also as always, the lighting was pretty bad: there's not much of it, and it casts unflattering shadows. I can improve it in post, [...]

June 2018

Cosplay at Comic Con

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It's easier to photograph people at events than elsewhere, and it's especially easy at Comic Con, where many people are dressed in costume and are happy to pose. I went to San Francisco Comic Con (held in Oakland) on Friday, stationed myself in front of a black curtain to use as a background, and asked [...]

September 2017

Comic Con—A Photo Goldmine

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I expected to come back from San Francisco Comic Con 2017 with some good shots, but I got more out of it than that. It was a lot of fun to talk with the people there, see the comic art exhibits, learn about the sci fi characters,  and essentially be a visitor to this subculture's [...]

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