August 2018

Late Lighting on Telegraph Avenue

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I traveled down Telegraph Avenue from close to the UC Berkeley campus to where it ends at Broadway in Oakland, looking for subjects. The best I found were the buildings on the east side of the street that were front-lit by the low sun. I had a red filter on my monochrome camera to make [...]

Metal Works of Art

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I was in Napa for a wedding last weekend, and because the ceremony wasn't till the afternoon on Saturday, I went downtown to the the Main Street Reunion car show. I've photographed classic car shows before, always thinking I'm going to get interesting photos, but I never do. I shoot details, themes (like hood ornaments, [...]

At the Railway Museum

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Yesterday I went to the Western Railway Museum in Suisun City. I arrived when it opened at 10:30 on Sunday and certainly beat the crowds: There was nobody else there. I planned to take black and white photos of the old trains and to focus on details. That's pretty much the way it went. I [...]

Rare Animal Sighting in the Presidio

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I was walking at the Presidio on Tuesday and came across this rarely seen animal, a Northern Short-Eared Rugrat. They are habituated to humans, so I was able to creep up close and get this shot. For me, the lighting, expression, pose and setting all work in this image. I'll keep an eye out for [...]

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