I drove up to Penngrove to shoot the Third Annual South of Heaven Filthies Humdinger Car Show. I had such good luck at the lowrider show in San Francisco, I figured I’d give this one a try.

It was smaller, and in a park vs. on San Francisco city streets, but the vibe was similar. The cars, all pre-1975, were beautifully restored and customized. Everyone was friendly, and the few people I asked to pose for me were all characters.

It was overcast when I got there early in the morning, which is better light for car photography. The sun came out later, which made the colors pop more, but created harsh highlights and shadows.

This was early, under overcast skies. Lots of generative fill here to remove surrounding objects.

A couple of the many cars with beautiful paint jobs.

A lady and her car.

She was selling souvenirs; I asked to take her photo. Great light under the roof of this booth open to the outside.

Her significant other, I think.

This is Vivi. I took a couple of photos of her, but should have taken more. I didn’t do a great job with a great portrait subject.

I’d go to another car show. Gorgeous cars and very good portrait subjects. I shouldn’t have to wait long—there are shows almost every weekend.