This is another event where street photography is easier than usual. Lots of people are milling about, and most aren’t paying any attention to you.

I got there early, before 9 a.m., when the light was coming from a low angle. I looked for compositions like this, but never found a great background.

The front-lighting on these two Jehovah’s Witnesses was what made me ask them if I could take their photo.

It’s always to helpful to have an image bank in your head to refer to. I thought of Dorothea Lange’s “White Angel Breadline” when I saw this scene.

I took many photos of people walking in front of this graphic doorway, but this shot of the owner who was exiting the building worked best—even if she doesn’t look particularly pleased.

The appeal of this shot for me is just that the man is large and close in the frame, and there’s no merge with other people, which isn’t always easy to do in crowded, tight streets.

So, nothing outstanding from this outing, but that’s how street photography works. My chances of coming back with a great shot on any given day are small.