I was in New Orleans on the Friday night before Halloween. I’d heard that Bourbon Street was crowded and loud, so I went to Frenchman Street, which was more sedate. I walked up and down only a short stretch of the street, but there were plenty of revelers out in their costumes. Here are a few photos from the night. All taken with a 28mm fixed lens.

This person went to a lot of work, partly for the authentic Pennywise costume, but even more for that car!

A fun group, and more than happy to pose.

A suitably creepy Nosferatu.

Outside the drag queen show.

Costume or not, a beautiful dress.

A pedicab driver in a creative outfit.

A vendor at a small crafts fair on Frenchman Street.

I decided to eliminate the busy backgrounds and pose some people in costume against this black wall. Sometimes a simple background is better, sometimes not.

The weather was balmy, the street was full of people, and everyone was in a good mood. That all combined to make street photography easy that night.