I took a four-day driving trip with a friend from the East Bay to Ferndale in northern California. I had both color and monochrome cameras with me. This first post is mono shots. I thought it best to stick to one style (mono or color) per post. Color shots to come next.

The Russian Orthodox chapel at Fort Ross, first built in the 1820s. We lucked out with cloudy skies on several days.
Photographers are told to add people to give a sense of scale, right?
I have several photos like this of cows and clouds. The red filter I put on my camera enhances the contrast in the sky.
I took over a hundred photos in the redwood groves of the Avenue of the Giants and thought only two were worth processing. This is one. The Tone Curve panel in Lightroom was essential for differentiating the gray tones in the image.

Next post will be color photos from the trip. I actually shot more often with the monochrome camera, but some subjects were all about color, so I picked up the color camera for those.