I took the ferry from Tiburon to Angel Island on Sunday and walked (which includes climbing a lot of steps) to a couple of destinations on the island to photograph structures there. I had my monochrome camera with me, because I think architecture looks good in black and white and the mono images have a timeless feel.

This is in the bathroom at the Detention Barracks at the Immigration Station, where new arrivials, especially Chinese, were kept after arriving in the U.S.

Looking down the hill at Camp Reynolds, established during the Civil War. The girl running through the field is a happy accident that makes an otherwise static photo much more interesting.

Three buildings at Camp Reynolds. During the half an hour I spent at Camp Reynolds, I saw two people. So pleasant to be alone in a large open space in the Bay Area.

Taken on the ferry back to Tiburon at the end of the day.

I saw a little less than half the island on my visit. I’d go back to see Fort McDowell and the other military installations on another trip. Angel Island is a scenic place that offers great hiking and unusual photo subjects—and that’s not overrun with visitors.