Fort Point is a masonry seacoast fortification that sits under the south anchorage of the Golden Gate Bridge. I’ve seen many photos of its interior but hadn’t been there for a long time. So I went this past Sunday, after the triathlon crowd had left, and photographed the interior. I used my monochrome camera because there’s not a lot of light when you’re inside the fort, and because it’s a subject that lends itself to black and white.

This shows where the fort is situated.

I had to wait several minutes for people to walk down this corridor. Without them, the shot doesn’t work nearly as well.

In this instance, though, I thought the architecture alone was enough. I used five radial filters in Lightroom to even out the lighting.

I’ve seen this shot published by many other photographers, but did that stop me from taking it myself? Clearly, no.

Fort Point really is a first-rate photo destination. Going there with a model would result in some terrific photos. Or maybe I can just find a model wandering around there and ask her to work with me. Could happen, I suppose.