After the storms of the past week, Sunday was clear and cool in San Francisco. I walked all over the place—Union Square, the Embarcadero, Chinatown, North Beach and the financial district—with a street photography mindset. I got four images I think are worth showing.

I came across these two men on Market St. They each had their own fashion sense, and they were different, to say the least.

This was also on Market St. Sort of a James Dean type.

The Embarcadero Center offers lots of possibilities for compositions. I waited several minutes for the right person to walk into this scene that I was looking down on from the second floor.

I came across this man at the Ferry Building. A blue wall, blue jeans, and a colorful scarf make the shot. Plus, he’s got an unusual look.

Whenever I can’t think of a place to go on a Sunday to take photos, San Francisco is my default destination. There’s always plenty to find there.