January 2018

Story Telling

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I went back to the racetrack one more time to capture some images that tell the story of a day at the races. I didn't have a good "establishing shot," that is, a shot showing the viewer where the portraits were taken. I took a couple: one of the entrance to the racetrack and [...]

December 2017

Done with One Approach

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Last Sunday was my seventh time going to the track to shoot spectators. People have been very willing to pose and I've enjoyed the experience. The track now takes a break for a couple of weeks and I'll wait to hear back from my client about what he'd like to do with the photos [...]

More Than Enough Choices

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It was a bright, sunny day at the track last Sunday, unlike the previous Sunday when it was overcast and perfect for outdoor portraits. I took only one shot in the direct sun because it was a group and I couldn't avoid it. You can see why it's a bad idea. Even with bringing up [...]

November 2017

Making the Most of a Gloomy Day

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It was a rainy day at the races last Sunday. I went anyway, intending to get some detail shots and maybe some indoor shots. The overcast sky did make for an evenly lit wide shot of the track, with no people in the foreground. I decided to take photos of some track employees. Here are [...]

Another Day at the Races

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I went back to Golden Gate Fields for the fourth time on my project to capture the range of people who go to the horseraces on Dollar Days. My goal this week was to shoot environmental portraits that showed people and the track instead of posing individuals against a plain background. We again had great [...]

Layering in Street Portraits

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Advanced photographers talk about "layering" their street photography and street portraits, which means showing more of the environment and having visual elements at different distances in the scene. Like the "have a foreground, mid-ground, and background" advice for landscape photographers, the "aim for layering" advice for street shooters is about adding visual interest by showing [...]

Portraits at the Racetrack

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I proposed to Golden Gate Fields management that I take portraits of racegoers over a series of Sundays at the track. They agreed, and I've been twice now. I approach people, explain what I'm doing, and very rarely encounter a "no." To get some animation in the poses, I tell my subjects to first act [...]

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