I drove across the Bay Bridge early Sunday morning to catch the 7 a.m. shuttle from Treasure Island to the Yerba Buena Island viewpoint. The shuttle didn’t get there till past 7:30, so my plans for catching the earliest light on the bridge went by the wayside, but it was still directional early morning light when I got to the viewpoint and took this shot.

I then walked out on the bridge, past the main tower, and took many shots—over a hundred—to capture the bridge architecture. But it turned out that my favorite shot of the day is the one above, which was probably the second frame I took, and which required no walking at all. Sometimes the easiest shot to get is the best.

Here are some others from the day. I used my monochrome camera with a red filter for all the photos.

Walking on the bridge in the early morning when there’s virtually no one there is a pleasant experience, especially when the weather is perfect, as it was last Sunday morning.