Because we’ve had no significant storms here in the Bay Area since January, it’s been impossible to take photos of the cloudscapes that trail after them. We finally had a storm on Thursday and Friday, and it produced some excellent clouds.

This shot was taken Saturday from Grizzly Peak Boulevard, above Berkeley, a road with an expansive view of the bay and San Francisco. The interest in this image, for me, is the different types of clouds.

These next two were taken today, on Sunday, around mid-day. Processing required treating the sky and land separately—no surprise for areas so different in luminosity. This first one is a five-shot pano.

The cloud formations changed constantly but slowly. This was the cloudscape I liked best.

I went to two other locations looking for cloudscapes, but Grizzly Peak was the best. Maybel I’ll just go there first next time, since it’s the closest to my house anyway.