Street photographers are supposed to compose with a scene and actors. I modified that last week to a backdrop and, well, people. Not even really actors.

There are lots of murals in downtown Oakland that make good backdrops. I found a couple of people to pose in front of them. I need to work more on their poses, but it’s a start. (BTW, I’ve got plenty of shots of people just walking in front of murals; not interested in that shot any longer.)

Since this blog is Grayscale Photography, these are black and white images. But it seems a shame to take out all the colors in the murals. Maybe the blog will morph into Grayscale (and color) Photography.

I give my business card to the people who pose for me and tell them they can email me and I’ll send them their image. When other photographers ask me how many people take me up on that offer, I say about half. These two photographs are a perfect example: One subject emailed me for the image, the other didn’t.