I did a poor job of planning for taking photos at this year’s Bay to Breakers. I didn’t have a plan for the kinds of photos I wanted, or at least no plan beyond my standard one of taking street portraits. I hadn’t scoped out locations or come up with an approach to get a unified set of images. Oh well.

The day (or rather the morning, because I was there for only a couple of hours) was more or less saved by the participants. Even though I didn’t bring any creative ideas to the shoot, they did. The costumes were a lot of fun and everybody (except for one man) was happy to pose. So here are a few photos from yesterday.

I try to put only three or four photos in each post so as not to lose impact, but I’m including six here. And I don’t even think I did a very good job of stopping people and asking for a shot—so imagine how many other good opportunities I missed!

So, a decent day in terms of results—no credit to my planning. Thank you, Bay to Breakers.