Along with the Embarcadero, North Beach in San Francisco is at the top of my list of places to go in the city for street photography. This past Sunday, I walked around for a few hours, and came across several people I had short conversations with before asking if I could take their photo—my standard MO. All these people were friendly, and were fine with my taking their photo.

This man was teaching boxing lessons in Washington Square Park. This is the best of the several shots he posed for.

This man recognized the brand of my camera—which he also shoots. We talked cameras for a short while, then I took his photo in front of an SF mural.

I was walking up a steep hill next to this man and his dog. We talked dogs a minute, then he posed for me—with a welcome diagonal background.

I’d met this man before, at a hat store in Berkeley. He’s now moved to the San Francisco store, run by the same company. We talked hats a while, then I asked him to pose against the side wall of the store.

Sometimes I return with no images at all that I like and want to process. Other times, I get one or two. To get four from one morning’s walkaround is very unusual. Now that pandemic restrictions are loosening, I’m hoping I get more days like this one.