Carlos has been my tailor for years, and we see each other often. When he told me he was planning a website for his business, I volunteered to take some photos of him in his workshop.

We agreed that the light coming into his shop from a big picture window was best in the late afternoon, so I went there at that time a couple of weeks ago to take some preliminary photos of him at work.

Of the photos we took that day, I think this one—where he’s not posing at all but simply working on a project—is the most successful. As an environmental portrait, it’s also the best fit for a site promoting his business.

This posed photo can also work, perhaps on the About page on his site.

In this last one, I posed Carlos on the edge of a table. It’s not a bad photo, but I think it’s less successful at showing his personality and environment. When I go back for the official shoot, I think unposed shots of him at work may be the best approach.