Along with the Embarcadero, Market St. is my favorite location for street photography in San Francisco. It’s always busy and there’s always a range of people, including shoppers, tourists, businesspeople, performers and others.

I was in the city on Thursday to see a photo-related movie (Jay Myself) and stayed after to shoot around Civic Center and Market St. I usually shoot street with my monochrome camera, but this time I had my Q, so some photos are in color and some are converted to black and white.

This is a temporary street soccer field. It was late enough (4:30) that shadows were getting long.

I think it’s clear why I didn’t convert this one to black and white.

And clear why I did convert this one. Valets working an event.

This couple was standing in a spotlight of sunlight. It was gone just moments after I took this.

I didn’t talk to anyone or do any street portraits on this trip—maybe next time.