I was in Seville, Spain for Holy Week (Semana Santa), April 2 through 8, along with a million other people. The photo challenge was to show the crowds, but also individuals and elements of the event. I shot mostly with a 28mm lens, which enabled me to include lots of environment. But I also had a 50mm, which I used for portraits and details.

Streets in the town center typically looked like this just before or after a procession.

This image highlights an individual, but also shows enough context to add interest and place him in the event environment.

Members of church brotherhoods walk through the streets dressed in these traditional hooded outfits, and carry crosses and “floats.”

Dressed as altar boys (manuguillos), children hand out cards with religious images or candy.

This woman was from eastern Europe. The camera is digital and wirelessly connected to an instant printer. She takes your photo as you walk by, then hands you a mocked-up newspaper front page with your photo. You’re expected to give her a couple of euros. I gave her the money, then motioned that I’d like to switch roles and take her photo. She was happy to pose. 50mm lens.

I asked these three young ladies to pose for me. They’re dressed in traditional mantilla dresses that women wear towards the end of Holy Week. 50mm lens.

I didn’t shoot black and white during the event, so no “grayscale images” here. More of those in future posts.