We visited Tavira, Lisbon and Porto during our two weeks in Portugal in April. The people were friendly and helpful, and they all spoke English because they’re required to study it in school.

We talked with this goat-and-sheep herder in the hills above Tavira. He was selling his animals. I didn’t buy any, because I didn’t know how I could get them back home …

I got up early to photograph this church in Tavira. I had visited it in the afternoon the day before, and saw that it would be better in morning light.

I shoot a lot in black and white, but this doorman in Lisbon was all about color.

People apparently meet at this location in the Lisbon shopping district to dance every Saturday afternoon.

Lisbon at the blue hour from a viewpoint near our hotel, called Miradouro de Sao Pedro de Alcantara.

This shop in Lisbon has been manufacturing ceramic tiles by hand since 1741.

From Lisbon we traveled by train to Porto, seen here from the Miradouro da Ribeira.

This guitar player in the plaza of a cathedral in Porto was far better than most street musicians. I listened to him play several songs and gave him a sizeable donation.

I was often on tours in Portugal, which isn’t ideal for photography (unless it’s a photo tour). I won’t do that again. Being free to go wherever I want, at will, results in better photos, and more chance, memorable encounters.