Here are two photos of the Immaculata Church on the campus of the University of San Diego. Neither one shows the church as you’d see it if you went there, because one is black and white and the other infrared.

I went to the church at sunrise, but the light was wrong: It’s a sunset shot. So I went back then, when one side of the church was lit and the facade was not, producing a much more pleasing 3D effect.

Here’s the black and white photo. I had an orange filter on my monochrome camera.

After visiting/scouting in the morning, I brought my infrared camera with me for the evening shoot because of the palm trees. Whenever I see them, I think infrared. Here’s the infrared shot:

Also, the scouting trip made for a more-efficient shoot because I knew right where I wanted to go for the sunset shot, having been there earlier in the day. Even the clouds cooperated.