For my Sunday morning outing, I went into San Francisco to walk the Embarcadero. More and more often, I’m heading  into the city, because it provides the most variety of subjects and the most photogenic environment. And I get there so early—at sunrise—that it’s easy to walk around and come across very few people, which is a good thing in these pandemic times.

This car was stopped in the shade at a light as I walked by. It was too good a subject to pass up: An older woman wearing her mask in an old car, which is a Nash Metropolitan, from the late 1950s. The tones in this image from the Monochrom help make the photo.

I’ve seen many photos where the maker has shot with a long lens and filled the frame with buildings. Sometimes they work, sometimes not. This was a 50mm—not a long lens—but I was on an elevated bridge and close to the buildings, so it was easy to fill the frame, even with that normal focal length.

Who knows if anyone but me will like this one? Super simple, but again, I like the textures and tonality.

I’ve taken this shot a few times before, but I like to return to this spot (Pier 14) each time I go to the Embarcadero, because the skyline faces the rising sun, and the sky, light, and shadows are different each time.

Obviously, I’m not shooting street portraits these days. It’s too problematic to approach people, and even if I did, I don’t like portraits of people wearing masks. Well, maybe if they’re in a vintage car.