May 2018

Creative Subjects at Bay to Breakers

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I did a poor job of planning for taking photos at this year's Bay to Breakers. I didn't have a plan for the kinds of photos I wanted, or at least no plan beyond my standard one of taking street portraits. I hadn't scoped out locations or come up with an approach to get a [...]

Cinco de Mayo in the Mission

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Cinco de Mayo isn't a major holiday in Mexico, and turns out it wasn't in San Francisco, either. I went to the "celebration" there, but it was really more of a small street fair with the usual vendors of cell phone services, chiropractic care, Scientology and the like. So I left and ended up walking [...]

April 2018

Flashy Night Photography

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I went to a workshop on night photography last Friday night. I don't use flash much (apparently, I've got a lot of company in that) so this was a chance to learn more about how to shoot movement at night with a flash. We mostly photographed a group of skateboarders. They were happy to perform [...]

Four More Oakland Street Portraits

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I was back in Oakland last Saturday evening walking around looking for interesting people to photograph. The end-of-day light helped a lot. I got three portraits I find acceptable and one very good one. I talked to this man for a while before asking him to stand in front of this black wall. This A's [...]

March 2018

Meeting the Emperor in San Francisco

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Photo educators and workshop leaders frequently exhort newbies to venture out with their cameras because one never knows what one might come across—like Norton I, Emperor of San Francisco and Protector of Mexico. I was in SF on Sunday, haunting the Embarcadero looking for images, and had just taken a forgettable shot of something or [...]

February 2018

Street People in Oakland

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There weren't a lot of people out and about in downtown Oakland today because everyone was at Super Bowl parties. So maybe the street people stood out even more. Here are two I talked to and photographed. I could see this man's tattoos under his unbuttoned shirt and started talking to him about them. He [...]

December 2017

Done with One Approach

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Last Sunday was my seventh time going to the track to shoot spectators. People have been very willing to pose and I've enjoyed the experience. The track now takes a break for a couple of weeks and I'll wait to hear back from my client about what he'd like to do with the photos [...]

More Than Enough Choices

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It was a bright, sunny day at the track last Sunday, unlike the previous Sunday when it was overcast and perfect for outdoor portraits. I took only one shot in the direct sun because it was a group and I couldn't avoid it. You can see why it's a bad idea. Even with bringing up [...]

November 2017

Another Day at the Races

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I went back to Golden Gate Fields for the fourth time on my project to capture the range of people who go to the horseraces on Dollar Days. My goal this week was to shoot environmental portraits that showed people and the track instead of posing individuals against a plain background. We again had great [...]

Portraits at the Racetrack

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I proposed to Golden Gate Fields management that I take portraits of racegoers over a series of Sundays at the track. They agreed, and I've been twice now. I approach people, explain what I'm doing, and very rarely encounter a "no." To get some animation in the poses, I tell my subjects to first act [...]