July 2017

Kite People in Berkeley

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I went to the Berkeley Kite Festival two years ago and went back today. I shot lots of kites—in color and in the sky—last time, so I didn't want to just repeat that. My plan this time was to shoot more people. I had a fairly long conversation with this colonel about piloting these paragliders, which fighter [...]

The Little Tramp

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The Niles district in Fremont held its annual Charlie Chaplin Lookalike contest this weekend. As a longtime fan of the Little Tramp, I made it a point to drive down and photograph the contestants. I photographed them on the stage in the contest and all those photos were terrible. But before the contest, I'd [...]

Skip the Haight, Go to Golden Gate Park

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The Haight-Ashbury district is uber grungy. Is that part of its appeal? Hard to believe, but maybe. I went there very early on Sunday, walked up and down Haight St., and frankly didn't see anything that I could turn into a good photo. So as not to waste a drive into San Francisco, I went over [...]

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