I went to the Berkeley Kite Festival two years ago and went back today. I shot lots of kites—in color and in the sky—last time, so I didn’t want to just repeat that. My plan this time was to shoot more people.

I had a fairly long conversation with this colonel about piloting these paragliders, which fighter pilots use when they eject from their planes.

And here’s a portrait of him. Missed the focus, so I added some grain to make it look film-y.

It wasn’t breezy early in the day, but it got better, and all these big kites were aloft in the late morning.

I shot this one without raising the camera to my eye. I was on f/8, so she was in focus, which is a lot harder to do when I’m shooting this lens at f/2.

Dragon over Berkeley. I cloned out a lot of distracting strings.

I got a few other people photos, but they’re not so great so I’m not showing them here. There was no shortage of interesting Berkeley characters, I just didn’t manage to capture many of them.