Whenever we get a rainstorm, and the skies begin clearing the next day, I head to the reservoir near my home. I put a red filter on my black and white camera to darken the skies and increase the contrast with the clouds. Here are three photos from yesterday, when there were lots of complex cloud patterns in the late afternoon.

The boaters here were a lucky accident. They left the shore, and I waited for them to reach a good position in the frame.

This was a different set of boaters, a family. Much closer to the camera and bigger in the overall image. This shot also includes the tower, a distinguishing feature of the reservoir.

This is a five-shot pano, showing more of the cloudscape, which changed constantly as the wind blew the clouds from left to right.

I’ve shot this scene many times, because it’s so close to home, but the cloudscapes are always different.