I went into Oakland this past Sunday, more to get out of the house than with any specific photo plans. I drove downtown and began walking around the area of Broadway and 14th through 18th. I came across this young man painting a mural, talked to him for couple of minutes, then asked to take his photo with his mural.

I walked down 15th Street, where people were painting Black Lives Matter in huge yellow letters on the street. It stretched for three blocks. This is shooting from one end.

This car was parked in an intersection along 15th.

As I worked my way up 15th towards Broadway, I heard the sounds of a protest march. When I got to Broadway, I saw a couple of hundred people chanting and carrying signs. This photo was taken near the end point of the march.

The takeaway for me is that getting out and looking for photo ops—even if you don’t find any—is always more rewarding than staying home. And, more often than you’d think, you come across something worth documenting.